November Webinar | How to Ensure Your Institution’s Digital Transformation in 2018

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Too often, the strategic planning process goes through the motions. Institutions review their financial performance versus peers and set stretch goals for improvement in specific areas. Sound familiar? Of course, they also cite the importance of digital transformation through mobile banking – but how many actually assess their mobile performance and offering against peers?

Join us for a complimentary webinar where we’ll review unprecedented mobile banking data & analytics allowing you to quantitatively answer “how are we doing” when it comes to mobile banking performance. Additionally, institutions contemplating change can evaluate the performance of mobile banking vendors.


  • Bank Webinar: November 15 at 2 PM ET – Register: HERE
  • Credit Union Webinar: November 16 at 2 PM ET – Register HERE

Interested in watching but can’t make the live event? Register anyway! The recording will be provided post-event via email to all registrants.

MX Resources, “Data-Driven Money Management Brings Solid Revenue: A Response to Ron Shevlin”

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FI Navigator shows that PFM offers a stronger lift to mobile banking enrollment than other major features such as bill pay, mobile deposit, fingerprint authentication, and P2P payments. This may be because any financial institution that’s offering PFM in their mobile app is offering a more complete, world-class experience (as illustrated by the tremendous gains BECU’s app has brought them, which we highlighted above).

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Financial IT, “Harvesting Data for Smarter Decisions”

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Financial IT: FI Navigator specializes in the vertical analytics delivering a web based bank data and analytics platform for quantitative market research. Over 13,000 financial institutions are covered within FI Navigator’s database comparing the performance of their mobile banking apps and customer behaviour in comparison to other peers. Additionally the platform helps to identify the trends and growth opportunities on the market.

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Bank Director, “The Best Mobile Banking Apps”

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Bank Director: What the best mobile banking apps do is look like they don’t come from a bank. Instead, Bank Director magazine found during interviews with the makers of some of the industry’s best banking apps that they looked for inspiration outside the world of banking—they looked for design cues from Facebook, Google, Amazon and Uber to create a totally digital, totally simple and easy way to bank.

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