Retail Mobile Banking
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Decision Analytics for the Digital Banking Era

Innovative bank data and analytics platform delivering institution-specific insights and industrywide research through uniquely harvested data.

What We Do

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FI Navigator provides vertical analytics that delivers decision clarity to financial institution executives and the FinTech advisors that serve them.

Why It's Different

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By collecting and integrating unstructured data, FI Navigator expands the depth of peer analytics and the breadth of market research to create vertical analytics for financial services.

Why It Matters

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Leaders of the digital banking transformation can’t afford to make strategic decisions without extensive peer and industry context.

Leading the
Transformation of Digital Banking

Organizations looking to seize leadership positions must move confidently and quickly. Such agility is often enabled by a data advantage.

Financial Institutions

Financial institution executives realize digital transformation of their institution isn’t an option, it’s a strategic imperative. You are accustomed to leveraging peer data for performance, but lack that context in evaluating your client offering and digital channels. Shouldn’t FI peer analytics provide insight for these critical strategic decisions? We think so.

FinTech Companies

The FinTech vendors and advisors seeking a leadership position in banking’s digital transformation lack peer context as well. Insights on financial institutions’ service and channel offerings or their FinTech competitors’ performance are scarce typically and based on small sample sizes. Shouldn’t market research cover the entire market? Again we think it should.

What’s New

Among the Top 10 Mobile Banking Vendors, @FISGlobal bank clients have the largest average total assets. #mobilebanking

Mobile Banking Leaders: Based on client count, @Fiserv has the largest market share, with @JHABanking and @FISGlobal 2nd and 3rd. #mobilebanking

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Connecting the Dots

November Webinar | How to Ensure Your Institution’s Digital Transformation in 2018

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FI Navigator Releases Retail Mobile Banking Benchmarking for Banks

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Retail Mobile Banking Navigator Award Winners

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Winning institutions achieved top decile performance in customer enrollment within their asset segment by institution type, realized average app ratings exceeding 4.0 (on a 5-point scale) and offered a mobile…