Our experience and passion have always centered on banking analytics.

FI Navigator synthesizes that experience with the realization that the financial market is being transformed and the analytics haven’t kept up. FI Navigator has constructed a web-based bank data and analytics platform delivering institution-specific insights and industrywide research. The platform is fueled and differentiated by a proprietary ability to extract and analyze unstructured website data. Our FI Analytics instantly analyze any financial institution to pinpoint performance (profit, growth and risk), but deliver unprecedented insight on product offering and service channel exceptions. When the data is aggregated industry-wide, the platform provides Market Analytics (strategy formulation) at unprecedented coverage levels in the critical FinTech arenas of online and mobile banking. There is much more to come as we continually harvest new data with new analytical applications.


Steve Cotton

CEO & Founder

Curry Pelot

CIO & Founder

What’s New

Among the Top 10 Mobile Banking Vendors, @FISGlobal bank clients have the largest average total assets. #mobilebanking

Mobile Banking Leaders: Based on client count, @Fiserv has the largest market share, with @JHABanking and @FISGlobal 2nd and 3rd. #mobilebanking

Outside of the Big 3 core providers, @Digital_Insight and @Q2ebanking have the largest Mobile Banking market share for banks over $500 million. #mobilebanking

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