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Account Planning

Know Your Customer – Incredibly Well

Our online FI Analytics produce instant insight into any bank or credit union’s performance and offering opportunities. In the time it
takes to input the institution’s name, you could be accessing the insights that will establish you as their trusted advisor.

These unique analytics are available in three levels of depth to ensure a fit with any client or prospect meeting. FI Navigator knows
banking and we speak the language of financial institution executives.

Not only have we developed better data & analytics to evaluate FI performance opportunities, we’ve also designed reports that sync with
the way these execs speak and operate.

Whether you need a comprehensive FI assessment for account or strategic planning, presentation-ready reports for an onsite meeting
or fast facts for a prospect call; our FI Analytics have you covered.

FIN Advisor

Instantly generate a complete consultative assessment of any U.S. financial institution’s profit, growth, risk, and customer offering generating primary opportunity themes, specific strengths/weaknesses and even custom solution category recommendations. As the name suggests, FIN Advisor instantly positions users to render advice and the analytics serve as the foundation for account or strategic planning.

Features of FIN
Advisor include:

  • One-Page Executive Briefs
  • Strategic Class Peers
  • Color-Coded Decision Trees
  • Offering Hierarchy
  • Custom Footprint Peers
  • Asset Group Peers
  • Custom Peer Group Construction
  • Metric-Level Cost/Benefit
  • Primary Opportunity Themes
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Variable Analysis Time Spans
  • Recommended Actions/Solutions
  • Peer Comparison Tables
  • Metric Classifications
  • Metric Percentile Distributions
  • Graphical Display Options
  • Institution Logo Integration
  • Vendor/Product Relationship Listing
Make the vendor-to-advisor transition by leveraging FIN Advisor’s powerful planning foundation.
FIN Reporter

FIN Reporter delivers complete control to vendor users on reports, metrics, peers, time spans and graphics to create custom content for any meeting scenario. Transform unprecedented data into presentations that garner C-suite attention and fit any meeting time frame. Compare and contrast any institution’s performance against peers or stand-alone trends, then zoom in on specific metrics that matter most during the conversation.

Features of FIN Reporter include:

  • UBPR or FPR Report Formats
  • Over 50 Pre-Built FIN Reports
  • Quick Click Metric Zoom
  • Peer Group On/Off Toggle
  • Time Span Change Toggle
  • Profit, Growth, Risk or Offering Reports
  • Multi-Metric Report View
  • Single Metric Report View
  • Custom Peer Construction
  • Strategic Class Peers
  • Custom Footprint Peers
  • Asset Group Peers
  • Graph Type Toggle
Engage FI clients and prospects with differentiating meeting content that resonates and creates the impetus for action.
FIN Profile

Rapidly assemble the high-level facts on any institution’s profit, growth, risk, and offerings with FI Profile. The analytics condense comprehensive institution analysis into fast facts on any institution’s firmographics, performance and known vendor-product relationships to fit any call or meeting context.

Features of FIN Profile include:

  • FI Firmographic Profile
  • Summary Profit Metrics
  • Summary Growth Metrics
  • Summary Risk Metrics
  • Known Vendor Relationship Summary
Instantly get up to speed on any financial institution to engage intelligently on your next call.

Transition your dialogue from selling to advisory by delivering accurate insights on any institution’s next-most-likely solution or performance enhancement priorities.

Learn how FI Navigator can impact your FinTech sales, marketing and strategy functions.

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