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CRM Data Enrichment

Easily Energize Your CRM System With Actionable Account Data

CRM systems are only as good as the data housed within them. If your account data consists of basic firmographics (i.e. asset size) and some contact data, then something’s missing.

What’s missing is insight – insight about each financial institution’s technology stack and performance challenges. After all, if we’re going to sell solutions, shouldn’t we know their problems?

Give your teams a competitive operating advantage by enriching your CRM system with financial institutions’ technographic (offering), performographic (profit, growth & risk) and firmographic (basic segmentation) account data.

Monthly updates are frictionless, enabling your team to pull actionable insights from the tools they already use daily.

Features of CRM Data Enrichment include:

  • 30+ Firmographic Fields
  • 25+ Profit Performographic Fields
  • 20+ Growth Performographic Fields
  • 15+ Risk Performographic Fields
  • 100+ Technographic Fields

Transition your dialogue from selling to advisory by delivering accurate insights on any institution’s next-most-likely solution or performance enhancement priorities.

Learn how FI Navigator can impact your FinTech sales, marketing and strategy functions.

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