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Instantly assess how your institution compares to peer institutions’ profitability,
franchise growth, risk management or even product offering.

Whether you manage a community bank, credit union or regional institution, FI Navigator’s unprecedented data & analytics instantly provide you with peer-based decisioning support to augment your institution’s profitability, franchise growth, risk management or product offering.

See FI Navigator In Action For:

Strategic Planning

Unrivaled planning tool generating profit, growth, risk and offering SWOT analysis & recommendations.

See how FI Navigator can improve your strategic planning.

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Identify your primary profit theme, opportunities & solutions for enhancement.

See how FI Navigator can pinpoint profit opportunities & solutions.

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Franchise Growth

Assess growth versus peers and identify avenues of acceleration.

See how FI Navigator can identify franchise growth opportunities.

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Enterprise Risk

Score capitalization, asset quality, liquidity and earnings quality vs. peer institutions.

See how FI Navigator can assess your institution’s relative risk.

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Customer Offering

Identify your next-most-likely retail, business or operating solutions based on peer analytics.

See how FI Navigator can compare your institution’s offering to peers.

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Performance Planning

Generate an instant consultative assessment of your institution’s opportunities.

See how FI Navigator can identify your best opportunities to improve performance.


Performance Reporting

Instantly create reports to match any meeting’s focus.

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Better Banking Data. Better Banking Decisions.

Proven Innovators in Banking Vertical Analytics

The team at FI Navigator has pioneered the evolution of analytics in the banking vertical for nearly two decades. In 2000, they founded introducing instantaneous SaaS performance analytics to financial institution executives at over 1,000 financial institutions.

Innovative Analytics – Delivering Conclusions

Unearthing new, comparable data was a critical first step, but the data needed structure to be converted into insight. FI Navigator has developed innovative analytics decision trees to allow users to quickly navigate to each institution’s performance opportunities. In addition, FI Navigator developed an innovative solution hierarchy that allows institutions to compare their offerings in retail, business and operating solutions. These analytics innovation allow instant insight into institution strengths, weaknesses, performance themes, cost/benefit and even next-most-likely solutions.

Proprietary Data Science

Recognizing that data on financial institutions wasn’t keeping pace with the industry’s digital transformation, FI Navigator developed proprietary data extraction techniques to mine data from financial institution websites, app stores, vendor sites, job posts and variety of other sources. Integrating this highly unique data with standardized regulatory data enables incredibly enhanced insight on financial institution and vendor performance.

Comprehensive Coverage of Every US Financial Institution

Typically, market research focuses exclusively on market leaders. We’ve all seen reports labeled “The State of U.S. Mobile Banking” only to find that coverage only extended to the top ten institutions. Our approach is different in that we cover every one of the nearly 11,000 banks and credit unions in the U.S. Additionally we’re constantly expanding our solution hierarchy with coverage now of over 100 retail, business and operating solutions leveraged by these financial institutions.

This obsessive focus on industry coverage allows you to examine the entire market for strategy, or zoom into a specific institution for tactics.

Exceed your strategic objectives and performance goals through the highly effective resource allocation enabled by FI Navigator data & analytics.

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