Performance Enhancement Plan

Instant In-Depth Assessment of Your Institution’s
Profit, Growth, Risk & Offering

The primary differentiator of high performing institutions is not that they work harder, rather it’s their ability to accurately pinpoint where performance improvement opportunities exist. When you’re working on the right things – you’ll get results.

FIN Advisor

Instantly generate a complete consultative assessment of your institution’s profit, growth, risk, and customer offering generating primary opportunity themes, specific strengths/weaknesses and even custom solution category recommendations. FIN Advisor produces  the most comprehensive financial institution performance assessment available anywhere at any price.

features of
fin advisor

  • One-Page Executive Briefs
  • Strategic Class Peers
  • Color-Coded Decision Trees
  • Offering Hierarchy
  • Custom Footprint Peers
  • Asset Group Peers
  • Custom Peer Group Construction
  • Metric-Level Cost/Benefit
  • Primary Opportunity Themes
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Variable Analysis Time Spans
  • Recommended Actions/Solutions
  • Peer Comparison Tables
  • Metric Classifications
  • Metric Percentile Distributions
  • Graphical Display Options
  • Institution Logo Integration
  • Vendor/Product Relationship Listing
Ensure your institution’s working on the right things by deploying FIN Advisor to instantly develop your performance enhancement plan.

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