Performance Reporting

Quickly Generate the Right Reports for Any Meeting

Meetings focusing on your institution’s performance don’t usually get scheduled with a lot of lead time. How can you ensure that your meeting content precisely matches the meeting focus and objectives?

FIN Reporter

FIN Reporter delivers complete control to users on reports, metric, peers, time spans and graphics to create custom content for any meeting scenario. Transform unprecedented data into presentations that create consensus and fit any meeting time frame. Compare and contrast your institution’s performance against peers or stand-alone trends, then zoom in on specific metrics that matter most during the conversation.

features of
fin reporter

  • UBPR or FPR Report Formats
  • Over 50 Pre-Built FIN Reports
  • Quick Click Metric Zoom
  • Peer Group On/Off Toggle
  • Time Span Change Toggle
  • Profit, Growth, Risk or Offering Reports
  • Multi-Metric Report View
  • Single Metric Report View
  • Custom Peer Construction
  • Strategic Class Peers
  • Custom Footprint Peers
  • Asset Group Peers
  • Graph Type Toggle
Produce differentiating meeting content that resonates and creates an impetus for action.

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