FI Navigator Provides Ensenta with Digital Banking Intelligence on More Than 10,000 U.S. Financial Institutions

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ATLANTA – FI Navigator announced that Ensenta, a provider of enterprise-wide, real-time SaaS solutions for mobile and online payments and deposits has subscribed to its cloud-based mobile and online banking modules, providing it with vertical intelligence on the digital channel offerings of more than 10,000 U.S. financial institutions.

As part of FI Navigator’s banking vertical data and analytics platform, covering more than 13,000 financial institutions and the Fintech companies that serve them, the mobile and online banking modules will provide Ensenta with:

  • Vendor analytics, including market share position and accretion; client churn rates; customer utilization; customer satisfaction; and client demographics;
  • Industry analytics, including industrywide or segment adoption; customer utilization and satisfaction; and detailed feature provision.
  • Bank and credit union-specific peer comparisons on mobile and online banking offerings and performance.

The digital channels data is updated monthly, providing Ensenta with the most current information available on these various attributes.

“Working with FI Navigator furthers Ensenta’s ability to offer Smarter & Safer mobile and online SaaS solutions for deposits and payments that mitigate risk, minimize compliance exposure, increase efficiency, and accelerate funds availability” said Jim Ballagh, executive vice president of Business Development at Ensenta. “FI Navigator’s tools are useful for any organization looking to better understand the digital channel performance of U.S. financial institutions and their partnered vendors.”

“We are highly enthusiastic about collaborating with Ensenta, an industry-recognized pioneer in digital channel payment and deposit solutions,” said Steve Cotton, CEO and founder of FI Navigator. “Deploying our mobile and online banking data & analytics will foster continued innovation by delivering unprecedented insight into current vendor and client institution digital channel performance.”

About Ensenta

Trusted by the U.S. Treasury and more than 850 financial institutions, Ensenta is a provider of innovative enterprise-wide SaaS solutions for mobile and online deposits and payments. Its cloud based Agile Risk Management™ mitigates risk and minimizes compliance exposure with straight through processing, advanced real-time decisioning and accelerated funds availability. Ensenta’s products and services are distributed by leading mobile and online banking providers, core banking processors and ATM networks and manufacturers. Ensenta received two XCelent awards for technology and functionality by Celent. For more information, visit Ensenta’s website at www.ensenta.com, or follow them on Twitter @EnsentaLinkedIn, or Facebook.

About FI Navigator

FI Navigator provides a web-based bank data and analytics platform for the banking vertical delivering institution-specific insights and industrywide research to FinTech providers and financial institutions. By integrating unstructured website data and conventional financial institution data, FI Navigator expands the depth of peer analytics and the breadth of market research to create vertical analytics on more than 13,000 financial institutions and their technology providers. The platform’s initial mobile banking data and analytics module provides unprecedented vertical intelligence on the nearly 7,000 financial institutions with identified vendor providers. The online banking module covers over 10,000 financial institutions and over 60 vendor solutions. For more information, visit www.fi-navigator.com or follow the company on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/fi-navigator-corporation and Twitter @FINavigator.