FI Navigator Providing Analytics to Half of the Top 10 Mobile Banking Vendors

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Cloud-based module provides subscribers with powerful insights to industry trends and performance

ATLANTA – FI Navigator announced that five of the top 10 mobile banking technology providers (based on market share) have subscribed to its cloud-based mobile banking module, which provides vertical intelligence on the mobile banking services offered by nearly 7,000 U.S. financial institutions, as well as their identified vendor providers.

As part of FI Navigator’s banking vertical data and analytics platform, which contains information on more than 13,000 financial institutions and the Fintech companies that serve them, the mobile banking module provides subscribers with:

  • Vendor analytics, including market share position and accretion; client churn rates; customer enrollment; customer satisfaction; and client demographics;
  • Industry analytics, including industrywide or segment mobile adoption; customer enrollment and satisfaction; and detailed mobile feature provision;
  • Financial institution segmentation analysis by institution type, asset size, mobile banking age and the relative sophistication of their mobile feature set;
  • Bank and credit union-specific peer comparisons on mobile banking offerings and performance; and
  • Custom prospect queries to identify higher purchase propensity institutions.

The mobile banking data is updated monthly, providing mobile banking vendors with the most current information available on these various attributes.

“Our FinTech partners are creatively leveraging the data for initiatives including product strategy, forecasting, CRM integration, prospect scoring, client segmentation and other unique deployments,” said Steve Cotton, CEO and founder of FI Navigator. “In an area of such rapid evolution, timely data is critically important and unique data is a competitive advantage.”

About FI Navigator

FI Navigator provides a web-based bank data and analytics platform for the banking vertical delivering institution-specific insights and industrywide research to FinTech providers and financial institutions. By integrating unstructured website data and conventional financial institution data, FI Navigator expands the depth of peer analytics and the breadth of market research to create vertical analytics on more than 13,000 financial institutions and their technology providers. The platform’s initial mobile banking data and analytics module provides unprecedented vertical intelligence on the nearly 7,000 financial institutions with identified vendor providers. The online banking module covers over 10,000 financial institutions and over 60 vendor solutions. For more information, visit www.fi-navigator.com or follow the company on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/fi-navigator-corporation and Twitter @FINavigator.