Webinar Recap: Gaining an Information Advantage in Bank M&A

Posted in by Matt Harrell

If you missed our most recent webinar, Gaining an Information Advantage in Bank Acquisition, here’s a quick recap of the content that was covered. In the webinar, CEO and founder of FI Navigator, Steve Cotton covers new ways that acquiring institutions can identify and analyze potential bank M&A targets. We recorded the session, so feel free to watch the recording here.

-First, we cover the drivers of Franchise Value, which is the foundation of the analysis we walk through in the webinar. (View this at the 5:20 mark)

-Then, we look at new data available that can be harnessed to perform covert due diligence on an acquisition target. This includes data on every US Financial Institution’s product offering to see how they’re serving their customers today. (View this at the 8:40 mark)

-When it comes to identifying your ideal acquisition targets, Steve showcases an intuitive query tool that can be deployed by acquiring institutions. In short, this query tool enables you to search across hundreds of financial performance metrics and product offerings for both potential revenue and expense synergies. (View this at the 12:25 mark)

-Once you’ve identified one or more potential acquisition candidates, it’s time to perform covert due diligence on these institutions and analyze their strengths, their biggest opportunities, and ultimately determine whether they’d be an accretive acquisition. Steve uses a tool called FIN Advisor to walk through this analysis, with instant insights into a case study bank’s profitability, franchise growth, enterprise risk, and product offering. (View at the 16:50 mark).

-Finally, we wrap up with questions from attendees at the live session. One question of interest was “Is there one performance characteristic that you might value more highly during an acquisition analysis?”. Fast forward to the 44:30 mark for the answer.

We hope that you find this session useful, and if you’re interested in putting some of these analytics to work for you as part of your next bank M&A deal, schedule a strategy session with our team.